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Through its fair trade supply chain for Ethical Shea butter, René Furterer is committed to a long-term partnership with a Burkina Faso producer, SOTOKACC, founded by Nathalie Ouatttara, a woman committed to the economic and social development of her village. This partnership enables René Furterer to guarantee Shea Butter of unrivaled quality purchased at a rate above market value to meet our pharmaceutical requirements, produced according to African traditions, enabling local populations to improve their living standards. This Ethical Shea supply chain creates long-term employment and gives autonomy to women, who make up the vast majority of employees while the income earned helps to pay for education, including supplies, transportation and school fees.





Better known as Brazilian ginseng, Pfaffia is a fundamental part of René Furterer’s thinning hair expertise and can be found in various thinning hair products. René Furterer is committed to improving quality of life for local farmers in Parana, Brazil through the fair-trade supply chain for Pfaffia, where the procurement of its roots are exclusively carried out alongside a producer cooperative that is certified Fair for Life in organic farming and fair -trade by ECOCERT. This partnership helps diversify the agricultural activities of small producers in a region where the main crops are GMO crops destined for export while helping to fight against deforestation and preserve local plant resources




René Furterer is committed to supporting local suppliers in Madagascar and assisting them with social development and environmental projects, primarily providing aid in the battle against hunger, through its Moringa seed supply chain. Malnutrition currently affects more than 8 million Madagascans. Since 2008, this chain has been recognized as an exemplary Responsible Company, according to the ESR standard (fair trade, supportive, accountable) issued by ECOCERT. As part of this mission, René Furterer educates families, particularly mothers, about the nutritional benefits of Moringa leaves, which are high in vitamins, proteins and minerals and can provide healthy, long-lasting sustenance for those who need it. Seeds, fertilizer, agricultural tools and equipment are also provided to give  farmers the means and methods to enable self-sufficiency and productivity.



René Furterer is proud to support three Moroccan Cooperatives producing Argan Oil, a precious ingredient which can be found in a number of nourishing products, like the KARINGA collection. Argan Oil is produced in underdeveloped, isolated regions of Morocco, where women are representative of the desire to create new areas of economic activity. To help advance this desire, Argan Oil is exclusively procured from the UCFA (Union of Women’s Argan Production Cooperatives), an organization that works with three cooperatives, all of which hold organic and fair trade ESR ECOCERT certifications. Through the cooperatives’ production of Argan Oil, René Furterer and UCFA have committed on three different levels: buying the Argan Oil produced by the cooperatives, training the cooperatives in quality control and management and teaching the women basic literacy skills. René Furterer is furthering its commitment by offering pre-school and kindergarten classes to provide daily care for children of the women who work in these cooperatives. In total, 77 children benefit from school programs and equipment for their development. The goal is simple: make it easier for the female cooperative members to work.